The Way To Begin Saving On Your Electricity Bill

This guide was designed to give you the big picture in addition to some of the nitty-gritty facts on energy intake so that you can make better decisions starting today.

3 steps to begin saving

  • Get educated. Discover how much you can save, what is behind energy cost increases in addition to the important home and lifestyle factors impacting your invoices. Manage your energy usage by knowing your energy bill and identifying energy hot spots around your home so you know where to begin.
  • Get going. Compare gas and electricity retailers in your region, and choose if time-of-use pricing, off-peak hot water, and smart meters are for you.
  • Using energy wisely and embracing energy-saving steps, you can save money and cut back on energy wastage in your home when fulfilling your needs for convenience and relaxation.

A family of 4 could save hundreds of dollars annually by making a few adjustments –

  • The following straightforward actions could spare a household of 4 approximately $760 a year.
  • Eliminating the second refrigerator could save approximately $172 a year.
  • Switching off the game console after use could save around $193 annually.
  • Employing the clothesline once per week rather than using the dryer could save approximately $79 annually
  • Installing a water-efficient 4-star showerhead could save approximately $315 a year on water bills, there’ll also be savings on electricity bills because less water will have to be heated.

These numbers are a guide only. Exact savings will vary based on the type and age of your appliances, the size of your house, the climatic zone you reside in, the energy costs you pay and the sort of energy contract you select.  If you want to save further, you can always compare our range of energy plans with iSelect.

If you will need to upgrade a significant appliance, purchasing an energy-efficient one is often a rewarding investment over the life span of your product. By substituting your electric storage hot water system using a solar hot water system or a heat pump water heater, you can make substantial savings on your energy bill. The amount you save depends upon your unique circumstances.

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