What is Cisco Webex Calling Wallboard?

Cisco webex calling is bringing the phone system up to the cloud which means you can make or receive calls on a variety of devices. That is such a comfortable experience as you can do it when you are on the go. On the other hand, the Cisco Webex Calling Wallboard deals with real time statistics for the contact center. It is no secret the phone system is for businesses. The addition of this wallboard allows you to manage the statistics of all the calls coming in and out. You would already know the length of those calls and where they were sent. Basically, you would be able to analyze what went down in each of the calls that happened within the vicinity of the area. Some of the stats shows include the calls answered and the number of agents waiting for calls.

It is important to take note of what happened in each call so you will get to make reports then show it to the bosses. After that, it would be time to go into a meeting and find out how to improve the operations of the call centre. There is no doubt you would want that for the future of the company. In the time of a pandemic, this is definitely needed since we would everyone to just stay at home where it is safe. Also, you will be able to measure productivity with this wallboard. That means you will know the days when you were productive and the days when it was a pretty average day. In addition, you will know the call center agents who performed the best so you can give them the reward that they deserve. There is no question they deserve something after working their butts off each day. It is like they are motivated to perform above expectations.

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